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I love to eat, we all do, right? I also like to write so it’s pretty nice and simple.

I recently married a South African who took me to the small town of Franschhoek and it was there that we found our mutual appreciation for all things food and wine. This was where I really learnt about the sophistication of food preparation and how to pair it the perfect glass of wine!

Lady Leopard was a blog I used to write many moons ago and I filled the site with endless photography from my trusty Canon G3 and little write ups along the way – this was pre-Instagram! I actually accumulated over 385,00 views but time got in the way and I eventually put the blog to bed.

We now live in a world where blogging is everyday life and I’m proud to have many friends and acquaintances who are sharing their experiences online whether it be for business or pure pleasure.

I decided to re-launch Lady Leopard on a new hosting site so I could document the many watering holes and restaurants that me and my other half are fortunate enough to stumble across on our travels.

I also like to share a few other posts from time to time which I guess you can categorise as “lifestyle” – wedding prep, home interior and travel being just a few! Maybe it’s the journalist in me but writing is therapy! Enjoy!

Lady Leopard x